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Karthick's greatest encouragement and support have been his parents Late Sri. E. V. Subramaniam & Smt.Padma Subramaniam. Karthick's father was a visionary, who believed strongly that his son, would become a virtuoso performer. He continues to bless Karthick from Heaven.

Karthick's mother, Smt. Padma Subramaniam is a vocalist and music teacher. She has given vocal concerts and has sung for dance recitals of Reputed Dancers, apart from training students at home.

Padma amma.JPG
Anjana, Sarvesh, Sravishta

Wife and Children

Karthick's wife Anjana is a perfect homemaker and helps in all aspects towards Karthick's Musical Journey. Anjana is a proud and caring mother of 2 children - Sarvesh and Sravishta.

Karthick's son Sarvesh is a budding Performing Musician and Digital Designer. He is studying 2nd year B.Sc. Visual Effects and has designed this website too for his father. Sarvesh is also currently Orchestrating Music for his father's 2 new Albums. Sarvesh is a freelance Web Designer, Digital Artist, VFX Artist, Music Composer, Sound Engineer and much more. Visit - for more details.

Karthick's daughter Sravishta is a Bharatanatyam student and is very much interested in Fine Arts. She has completed Grade 8 from Trinity College, London for English Theatre and Drama. Sravishta has a keen sense of rhythm and performs unique rhythms on the Tumbler and Table.

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